Rosemary Wedderburn Brown


Born June 17, 1930, Jamaica; died Vancouver, Canada, April 26, 2003; NDP Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia 1972-1986; first black woman elected to a Canadian provincial legislation and first black woman to run for the leadership of a Canadian federal political party (1975)

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Veronica Strong-Boag

Veronica Strong-Boag

Veronica Strong-Boag, Ph.D, FRSC, is a Canadian historian specializing in the modern history of women and children in Canada. She is Professor Emerita of Women's History at the University of British Columbia. In 1988 she won the John A. Macdonald Prize (awarded to the best book in Canadian history) for her study of the lives of women in Canada between the wars, entitled The New Day Recalled. In 1993–94 she served as president of the Canadian Historical Association. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2001. In July 2012 the Royal Society of Canada announced that Strong-Boag would be awarded the J. B. Tyrrell Historical Medal "for outstanding work in the history of Canada."