Voices from the Front Lines

On The FrontlineWhy does women’s representation in politics matter? Scholars, politicians and voters are divided. Some worry about under-representation in political institutions because of the lack of role models for young women – if women do not seem themselves in leadership and decision making positions, they may be dissuaded from entering the democratic process. Others cite concerns about justice and equality, both of which are threatened when half the population makes up just one-fifth or one-quarter of legislators. Finally, some argue that women’s presence in the political process is necessary for the representation of women’s interests, issues, and perspectives, with the significant proviso that a multitude of women are needed to represent diversity among women.

This feature aims to explore these diverse perspectives. What better way to discuss the importance of women in politics than by asking women in politics about their own experiences and why they think it matters? Here we hope readers will find posts written by politicians, voters, lobbyists, political staffers, activist groups, and others as well. In this exchange, womensuffrage.org hopes to advance the discussion as to just why it matters that women in all their diversity are represented in our political institutions.

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