Learning and Teaching – A Commitment to Passing it On 

Resources for teachers from kindergarten to adult education remain too often weak or even silent about democracy and the franchise.  We hope that this section of our website will provide you with some important resources, whether for teaching, researching, or simply the pursuit of knowledge and a desire to understand democracy, participation, and equality.

Do you want to pass it on?  We invite links and contributions to bibliographies, course outlines, original or archival holdings, and visual representations that consider franchise politics. We are especially interested in open access so that material may be as widely circulated as possible. Please submit your PDF files or web links.  If you have questions about how to submit, please reference our submission guide. As with other postings, all contributions will be acknowledged. We hope as well that they will offer something for both five and eighty-five year olds.

Course Outlines and Teaching Materials

Multimedia Resources

Important Links – Getting Involved: Activism and Networks

Important Links – Government, Policy, and Current Affairs

Important Links – Data Sources

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