Course Outlines and Teaching Materials

Thank you to all the professors and educators who have shared with us their course outlines.  Some of the course outlines listed here link to their online sources. Learn more about sharing course outlines on Women Suffrage & Beyond here.


Teaching Resources:

2015 Women Suffrage Bibliography

From Abolition to Progressivism: Women in Public Life: This assignment introduces students to the history of women’s suffrage in
the context of other nineteenth and twentieth century reform movements using a combination of photographs and written documents.

Samara in the Classroom: Research is available for use in the classroom at no cost.  The website provides some details and contact information.

Apathy is Boring: Apathy is Boring is a Canada-wide non-partisan project. Our mission is to use art & technology to educate youth about democracy.

The Miss G Project: An in-progress collection of resources for teachers trying to incorporate women & gender studies and feminist materials in their classrooms.

Gender and Education Association: Formally established in 2002 (though active from 1997 onwards), the association works to challenge and eradicate sexism and gender inequality within and through education.

TeachUnicef – Gender Equality: This collection of teacher resources, including units, lesson plans, videos, multimedia, and stories is intended to raise student awareness of the importance of gender equality.

Women’s History Month for Teachers: Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids.