Important Links – Getting Involved: Activism and Networks

Feeling inspired?  Want to get involved?  Here is a list of organizations that might be of interest:

Equal Voice: Equal Voice is a national, bilingual, multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada

Who Needs Feminism: Run by a group of students at Duke University, the project calls itself a PR campaign for feminism. It aims to challenge existing stereotypes surrounding feminists and assert the importance of feminism today.  The website includes a guide to starting your own campaign.

Canadian Women Voter’s Congress: The Canadian Women Voter’s Congress holds an annual campaign school for women interested in participating in politics.

Canadian Women’s Foundation: The Canadian Women’s Foundation empowers women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence.

EMILY’S List:  The American EMILY’s List helps elect pro-choice Democratic women to office by recruiting and funding women to run for State Governor, Senate, the US House of Representatives, and other local offices.